Tricolite is a team of more than 600 people and a place where one can explore the opportunities imbibed in every role in the organization.

We empower and nurture people to expand their horizons in the company through its value driven culture, rotational functional exposure and an extremely high quality driven pledged to excellence approach towards every activity in the company. Competitive compensation structure, comprehensive reward system and development interventions support this growth trajectory of an employee with us.

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Why Tricolite?

Drive Own Growth

Autonomy of work is pivotal to any role of Tricolite, no matter how up or low the corporate ladder one might be. Tricolitians are encouraged to head on face the challenges and opportunities that are evident to any role. We value self driven people who take the initiative to change status quo, question the norm and strive to add value to what they are doing. Those with the right attitude and ability to continuously upgrade their skill as situation demands have structural and financial growth guaranteed at Tricolite.

Respect of expression

We appreciate every Tricolitians opinion and ideas, which get captured through Suggestions, Opinion Polls, and Satisfaction Surveys. We follow the open door policy to the core where anyone is free to share their view with the highest authorities in the company. Workplace politics and grapevine gossip is strictly discouraged with us.

Walk the Talk

We are strongly driven by our Vision and Values that every person joining the Tricolite Family is expected to imbibe. This is not only an expectation of a new comer but everyone from the top management to the junior most employees. It’s a continuous journey to keep reminding us of our promise to live by these values and achieve our vision. We hold each other mutually accountable and support everyone to walk the talk.

Work life Balance

Tricolite is not the place where you have to sit until your manager or boss leaves his cabin. There are infact no cabins. We all sit together and are responsible for our commitments given at work. No one asks the other person to stay on or runaround to appease the seniors. Alternate Saturdays are off and the management strongly promotes life skill trainings that bring balance and mental peace – Monthly Art of Living courses, Vedanta knowledge sessions and daily morning yoga on the shop floor are committed events in our calendar.