Quality & Testing

Quality and Testing

The organization is certified for an Integrated Management System i.e. ISO 9001 for Systems, ISO 14000 for Environmental Adherence & ISO 18000 for Occupational Health and Safety.

Tricolite dedicates itself to Total Quality. It has pledged to achieve excellence in product, process and service. Every product goes through four stages of manufacturing, each of which has stringent in-process quality checks in place.

Total Quality methods have been deployed such as Lean & Flow manufacturing, work as per defined SOPs, 5S storage systems to eliminate searching time, Kaizen schemes for continuous improvement, to name a few.

Any error found is run though the 8D Root Cause Analysis done by a cross-functional team to make systemic corrections for its non-repeatability. Monthly manufacturing excellence reviews are held to collectively discuss challenges, their probable solutions and new ways to upgrade technology.


Some of the routine tests conducted at TRICOLITE are:

  • In house Temperature rise lab for 8000A
  • Computer monitored and 100% online
  • Meggar & High Voltage tests
  • Millivolt drop test
  • Conductivity tests for Bus bar purity
  • Structure test & Scratch hardness test for paint durability
  • Salt spray test for Corrosion resistance for up to 1000 hrs.
  • Stringent QAP for Incoming
  • >200 points In process checklist