33 KV Panel

Tricolite is a leading 33 KV VCB panel manufacturers & supplier in India. The VCB or Vacuum Circuit Breaker is reliable medium voltage electrical equipment used to prevent the flow of electric current in case of any short circuit. The 33KV indoor VCB panel by Tricolite complies with the requirements of standard IEC 62271-200:2003/IS: 3427:1997.

As a distinguished 33 KV VCB panel supplier, Tricolite’s extensive research & development has led to the creation of high-quality 33KV indoor switchgear and 33 KV panel switchboards. The highest system voltage is rated at 36 KV and operational current at 1250A. The Ingress Protection or IP rating for external compartment in indoor is IP-4X and outdoor is IP-55 while that of internal compartment is IP-2X.

The circuit breaker is designed to deal with the high thermal stress and mechanical stress generated in the insulation and conducting parts due to the flow of the high amount of electric current. Being one of the top 33 KV VCB panel manufacturers in India, Tricolite provides excellent Insulation Level at 70 KV RMS/170 KV Peak.

Tricolite VCB panels are designed to withstand frequent lighting impulse and switching impulse efficiently during its life span. The internal Arc is tested by Tricolite at 31.5KA for 1 sec. The maximum temperature rise is rated at 40°C over Ambient 45°C.

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Application Control & Protection of Transformer Power
Reference Standard IEC 62271-200:2003/IS:3427:1997
Operational Voltage 36 KV
Operational Current 1250 A
Phase/ Frequency 3 Phase/ 50 Hz
Insulation Level 70 KV rms/ 170 KV Peak
Short Time Rating 31.5 KA
Peak Withstand Current 80 KA Peak
Degree Of Protection IP-4X, IP-55
Internal Compartment IP-2X
Max. Temp. Rise 40°C Over Ambient 45°C
Special Test Internal Arc tested at 31.5KA for 1 sec


Designed & tested in accordance with IEC 62271-200/IS-3427.
Vacuum used as insulation and arc interruption medium.
Independent exhaust vents for all HT compartments.
Operationally safe and reliable in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
Live parts covered by automatic shutters when breaker is racked out.
Removable fuses mounted on the PT.
Apparatus customized as per requirement.
Closing spring charged by motor in less than 15 seconds
Electrical anti-pumping
Provision for manual recharging
Synchronization and fast auto-reclosure duty