Sandwich Busducts

Sandwich Bus Duct

Tricolite is one of the top Sandwich Bus Duct suppliers in India. Tricolite Sandwich Bus Duct System is fully tested and certified according to the requirements of standard IEC 61439-6: 2012. They are available in Current Rating of 800A to 5000A in Al 630A to 6000A in Cu.

The housing of the duct system is done with Electro Galvanized steel of 1.5mm thickness and with Aluminium wrap around and Mylar insulation of Class B/ 130°C. Tricolite Sandwich Bus Duct System offers easy access, sturdy build quality, and efficient electric supply in commercial, industrial and residential projects.

A Bus Duct system is used extensively due to its convenient installation and management compared to cabling and trunking. As the leading Sandwich Bus Duct suppliers, Tricolite Sandwich Bus Duct System is accredited for quality by DEKRA, a leading organization involved in testing and certification of consumer, industrial, automotive, and ICT products.

Our Bus Duct Systems are available with the Ingress Protection or IP rating of IP 40, 41, 54, 65 and 66 and Seismic Compliance of Zone-IV. We are the best Sandwich Bus Duct suppliers in India. Our products has compact & flexible design, offer good heat absorption, reduced loss of energy, and safe and secure power distribution.

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Application Solid Termination between Equipment and Switchboard, Switchboard to Switchboard
Reference Standard IEC 61439-6: 2012
Current Rating 800 A to 5000A in Al 630A to 6000A in Cu
Degree Of Protection IP 40,41,54,65,66
Seismic Compliance Zone-IV
Housing Electro Galvanized steel 1.5mm and Aluminum wrap around.
Type of Insulation Mylar
Insulation Class Class B/ 130°C
Quality AccreditationDEKRA
Housing Earth Integral Earth
Neutral Size 0%/100%/200%
Joints Silver Plated Joints
Designed & tested in accordance with IEC 62271-200/IS-3427.
Vacuum used as insulation and arc interruption medium.
Independent exhaust vents for all HT compartments.
Operationally safe and reliable in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
Live parts covered by automatic shutters when breaker is racked out.
Removable fuses mounted on the PT.
Apparatus customized as per requirement.
Closing spring charged by motor in less than 15 seconds
Electrical anti-pumping
Provision for manual recharging
Synchronization and fast auto-reclosure duty